Floodlight Against Evil

Floodlight Creative Services joins IFC to launch Stan Against Evil.

Working in house with IFC's VP/Creative Director John Sinclair, Creative Director Scott Wyles, Executive Producer Alicia Biggart, and IFC Editors April Hartstein & Beth Feltham, Kevin Hartman wrote and produced the campaign for Stan Against Evil from initial concepts to the launch and beyond. 

Using stock footage, clever editing, and a nod to the humor that would be a part of the show's DNA, the Long Lead Tease introduced the show’s tone, a mix of horror and comedy, while suggesting the 70s aesthetics of the genre which the show aimed to capture.

For Pre-Promotion spots we selected key moments from the show that would intrigue, surprise, and engage viewers, especially those in the horror fan community. 

Delving deeper into the nuts and bolts of the series, or in this case, the heroes and demons, Kevin focused scripts on the show's characters and plot. 

Close to launch, attention was turned to building momentum for the series by constructing mini-movie trailers to tease upcoming episodes.  

Leaving no stone unturned, Kevin directed interviews with the cast to use for EPK and BTS pieces that would live on air and in digital & social media outlets.

When all was said and done the ratings exceeded expectations and Stan Against Evil will be back for a second season.